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Ministry Update 2019

Sowing the Gospel seed: Weekly tract distribution downtown. In addition to English tracts foreign tracts in the following languages listed in highest distributed and received  first, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Tagalog (Philippines), Ukranian, others. Starlight and Grand Floral Parades. Professional sporting events, preaching and tract distribution. High School Tract Team. Monthly Chick  tract…

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Ministry Update, May 2017

Ministry Report: Getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ out in Portland, OR. In our last ministry update from July 2016, we outlined the different tactics implemented by the True Vine soul-winning team to reach the lost people in Portland, OR. We are pleased and thankful to God that, by His grace, we are still at…

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Are You Saved?

Do you know what it is to be saved? Have you ever recognized your lost condition and repented? Salvation is a free gift, made available through the blood of Jesus Christ. 1. Realize and admit that you are a sinner. Everyone has sinned, sins, or will sin in their life. “For all have sinned, and…

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