Below are some good external links of Christian resources!

  • Bible Believers – Excellent resources for Bible Believers, including an enormous wealth of docrinal information on dozens of Bible topics.
  • Church Directory – Are you looking for a sound, King James, Bible Believing Church, in your area? Please visit Bible Believers Church Directory!
  • James L. Melton – Bible Baptist Publications, by Pastor James L Melton. Order his many booklets/tracts, and view them all
  • S.W.A.T. Team – “Special Weapons And Tactics” Public Ministry. Bro. Gerald Sutek’s home page for street preaching.
  • Friend To Churches – “A Friend to Churches Ministries” hompage of evangelist Samuel C. Gipp
  • Berean Beacon Audio & Video – Testimonies of former Catholics in MP3 and video formats
  • The Cyber Hymnal – Lyrics and history of thousands of Christian songs, and old hymns. Often includes more than 5 verses for many hymns.
  • The Audio bible – The entire King James Bible, online and narrated by Alexander Scourby.

Bible References:

1001 Handy Scripture References by Bro. James Melton
The Bible Believer’s Helpful Little Handbook by Bro. James Melton

Bible Versions:

Fables & Facts About The King James Bible by Bro. James Melton
Fighting Back! by Bro. James Melton
How I Know That The King James Bible is The Word of God by Bro. James Melton

False Doctrine:

The Bible Believer’s Handbook of Heresies by Bro. James Melton


Rightly Dividing the Word by Clarence Larkin
The Two Natures – Standing & State of the Believer by┬áMichael E. Todd

What’s Next:

How I Know I’m Going to Heaven by Bro. James Melton
You Might Be A Spiritual Baby by Bro. James Melton
Your New Life In Christ by Bro. James Melton