Ministry Update 2020-2021

It has been a tough season for Portland, Oregon and the world these past few years. It seems the god of this world is tightening his grip on the hearts and minds of the unbelieving at a faster and faster pace. The Bible tells us not to be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. That is our goal.  As the world system pushes the masses further from the truth, we are endeavoring to push back and not retreat. Here are a few highlights from the last three years:

Street preaching: 

-Thousands of tracts passed out in downtown Portland, as well as around 100 2 gallon homeless packets distributed to people on the street. 

-Enjoyed a “street preaching blitz” organized and attended by at least twenty men from Bible Believers Baptist Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, and one man got saved. 

-Had the opportunity to preach and hand out tracts to a couple hundred folks that attended the “Jesus Christ Superstar” play in downtown Portland. 

Needless to say there has been some struggles and obstacles with the current political/social climate in our country. But the Lord continues to bless our witness on the streets by showing Himself to be the true “Climate Changer” as He regularly stops the rain while we are down there. Praise God! 

High School Ministry:

As the Covid-19 pandemic brought about statewide school closures, the high school ministry was briefly put on hold. We have made it to some schools, but not nearly on the level it was at before. We are hoping to get back into full swing, so we can again make it out to the schools with students who desperately need to hear the truth. 

Our missionary to Mexico, bro. Fred Dye:

-Brother Fred has been working full time with pastor Javier Hernandez and his church in Nogales, Mexico just across the border. He is working both on a physical and spiritual level with the church while at the same time learning the language. There are many challenges in Mexico that we in America cannot relate to as much. Most of these challenges take place on a physical level. Bro. Fred is assisting in every capacity with his tools, vehicles, and know how to make Garden on the Mountain Baptist Church a blessing. On the spiritual side of things, Mexico is far more receptive to the gospel than is America; and bro. Fred is taking full advantage of their openness. Praise God for a faithful, and willing vessel that the Lord can use!

We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the upcoming years if He tarries. We pray that He will find us and you busy about the Master’s business when He returns. 

We thank God for all your prayer on our behalf, 

True Vine Baptist Church 

-1 Corinthians 1:25-29